"Dorre create a colossally heavy doom abyss into which they try to suck everything – your ears, daylight, reality – to hypnotising effect."
- Nick Ruskell, Kerrang! Magazine


The story so far

Dorre was born at the Rock Café in Leuven, Belgium when Adriaan De Raymaeker and Wolf Overloop decided to head up to the instrument filled attic. Picking up a guitar and settling behind the drums respectively, noise began to fill the room. Deep, dark, heavy riffs were made and quite possibly enjoyed by several blocks of flats and houses around the building. No big plans were made. One show every year, free beer, towers of cabs and amps, guest musicians randomly hopping on and off the stage.

After several years of this continued tradition, Dorre began playing shows on request. Obligingly, several small stages around Leuven were played and Erik Heyns joined the steady line-up. Deciding that the time had come to widen the scope of Dorre, a more serious approach was taken to write long pieces of music that incorporated every aspect of each musician.

After the first UK tour in 2016, Andrew Hockley joined the band on bass. Having done the bands sound and being a long time friend, Andrew already had a firm control of the music and was able to transition in easily, playing his first show with Dorre at Desertfest Antwerp.


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