Dorre/Bethmoora Split

Release Date: 20/11/2018
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released November 1, 2016


Adriaan De Raymaeker (Guitars)

Erik Heyns (Guitars)

Wolf Overloop (Drums)


Anders Kofod (Vocals)

Henrick Lyck (Guitars)

Martin Korff (Drums)

Morten Leerhøy (Guitars)

Sune Westh Svendsen (Bass)

Dorre’s tracks recorded at Magnet Records by Jean-Pol Van Ham and Johan Breton

Bethmoora’s tracks recorded at Wolf Rider Sound Production by Patrick Fragtrup

All tracks mixed at Skyhammer Studio by Chris Fielding

All tracks mastered by James Plotkin

Cover artwork by Diaz Inigo

Album Review

Dorre provide a more psychedelic instrumental doom/stoner metal sound whilst Bethmoora play a more harsher style of Sludge/Doom Metal. Two different sounds that still go hand in hand with each other.

Dorre's side of the album is still a thunderous affair with heavy psychedelic stoner based sounds grounded in a more doomier outlook. Opening track – Three Fell From The Sky – is Dorre's strongest track with as they offer a spaced out sound that merges elements of Doom, Stoner and Fuzz with expert precision . The instrumental work is a lot more clearer than Dorre's previous releases and you can feel every note being played.

Second track – Four Walked Into The Ocean, carries on the post-rock/post-metal dynamic that Dorre expertly created on the opening track but still offering their psychedelic doom/stoner hybrid kind of sound. This song has quite an intelligent feel to it especially with the stop-start feel of the song as the band slow the mood right down whilst still offering a more faster upbeat tempo.

Up next for the final track is Bethmoora and it's one hell of a ride as the band provide an almost 18 minute epic called – Succumb. It starts off very slowly and with a more gloomier outlook than Dorre's but wait until Anders vocals kick in. As the mood turns even bleaker than before. Anders vocals are forged in the depths of hell. Death based growls and sprawling doom/sludge

Bethmoora add different elements to their song with traces of Blackened Doom and Post-Rock lurking in the background. Bethmoora have a more primal and rawer sound compared to Dorre's. I mean that as a compliment as it still sounds superb.

Dorre / Bethmoora split album is an expertly produced package as it sounds incredible from start to finish. If you're a fan of both bands then this is a must-have release. It showcases two great bands to keep an eye on in the future.
- Steve Howe, Outlaws of the Sun