One Collapsed at the Altar

Release Date: 20/11/2018
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The first EP by Dorre. An epic half hour instrumental trip through desolated fields and blackened plains. Released September 2015

Album Review

Dorre's debut EP – One Collapsed At The Altar – is one epic 30 minute song that offers a heavy slice of Space Rock, Sludge, Psych, Doom, Stoner and Noise Rock for one exciting journey. If you dig Ufomammut, BONG, Karma To Burn and Sardonis then Dorre is the band for you.

It's two Dorre's credit they keep the mood exciting, fresh and so damn original. It's a heavy and fuzz-laiden journey where the riffs are loud from the start. The drumming by Wolf – is one of the highlights of this EP as Wolf demonstrates what a damn fine drummer he is. Creating progressive drum beats for his bandmates to build their sonic rhythms upon.

The EP is expertly put together with the sounds and genres all joining together for one surreal and heavy as hell trippy experience. The ambient noises and sounds sees Dorre add a uneasy drone style atmosphere as the chanting becomes part of your very being. This EP is perfect for all the Stoners out there as it fills in the necessary void you need for your next chemical based journey into the unknown.

One Collapsed At The Altar has a beginning, middle and end. It sees Dorre create an EP that is broken down into chapters where the riffs become faster, louder and heavier as time goes by. The start of the EP slowly builds the atmosphere with slow-paced doomy riffs, the middle section sees Dorre offer faster paced riffs with emphasis on tone and structure. The last part of the song sees Dorre unleash more heavy Doom/Stoner based noises before slowly returning to the slow-paced riffs shown at the start.

You need to hear One Collapsed At The Altar now as it's a stunning record. It's available on BandCamp Buy Now. This record is screaming out for a Vinyl Release. It's possibly the perfect format for the EP. Lets hope some indie record label takes a gamble on Dorre as these guys are an exciting prospect. Definitely keeping an eyes on these guys. A stunning debut record.

Words by Steve Howe
- Steve Howe, Outlaws of the Sun