Electronic Press Kit


Dorre is a four-headed instrumental band with drone, psych, stoner and noise influences out of Leuven, Belgium. Fueled by a pounding rhythm section and ferocious riffs, Dorre has been shaking stages and blissfully resonating eardrums since 2008.

Founding members Wolf Overloop and Adriaan De Raymaeker spent the first 6 years creating intense improvised live shows. This evolved in 2014 when Erik Heyns joined the band, focussing on writing and experimenting with the sound became a priority. Two years later, in 2016, Andrew Hockley joined on bass, completing the bands rhythm section and providing even more experienced musicianship. In late 2019, Andrew decided to move to the UK, leaving the band on good terms. Jan Greveraars, good friend to the band already, joined to replace Andrew.

Dorre has released two fully DIY releases, One Mic Garage Takes (digital only) and One Collapsed at the Altar (CD sold out, digital available), followed by a professionally recorded, mixed and mastered split album with the Danish band Bethmoora in 2016. The latest release, Fall River, is Dorre’s first full album.

The band has toured through Europe several times, playing in home country Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Austria, the Czech Republic, England and Scotland.

Dorre is currently working on a new EP to be released in 2020.


All of Dorre’s releases are available on Bandcamp. Both the split with Bethmoora and the full album Fall River are available on Spotify. Vinyl releases for both the split with Bethmoora and Fall River are available on our shop, in select record stores in Belgium and Germany and of course at shows. Please do feel free to request download codes for our albums or a vinyl record (sent out at our discretion) by using the contact form below or sending an e-mail to info@dor.re.

Reviews and coverage

Below are some quotes and outtakes from reviews of our music and live shows. Feel free to get in touch for more information. Reviews that are available online are clickable for access to the full article.

"Fall River is a powerful, absorbing spin from end to end, with each track holding its own as a single, yet blending together so harmoniously that it feels like the movements of a symphonic suite."
"Een groep getalenteerde muzikanten, die de ene riff na het andere knetterende huzarenstuk uit hun instrumenten haalden. Waardoor we als aanhoorder, met open mond vol bewondering, al zo vroeg in de namiddag een kippenvelmoment beleefden."
"Dorre create a colossally heavy doom abyss into which they try to suck everything – your ears, daylight, reality – to hypnotising effect.”
Nick Russell, reviewing our London show with Serpent Venom
"Dorre have outdone themselves with this album."


Below are some pictures taken throughout Dorre’s existence. Please do check with us before using specific photo’s as we would like to correctly credit photographers and be sure of line-up accuracy in context of use.

Live footage

Below are two full concerts, from 2016 and 2017. We know, we should get more footage done! 2020 goals.