Obey The Riff @ Villa Bota, Brugge
Villa Bota
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Obey The Riff live sessie @Villa Bota

DOORS: 19:00

22:30: ELEANORA (Gent)

“Initially formed in 2007, it may have taken a while Eleanora to get things going, but their 2014 releases proved that they belong to the great Belgian post-metal/hardcore/sludge scene. It is no coincidence that their first release was a split with fellow Belgian legends Amenra, and that it was in turn followed by their self-titled EP, revealing a very promising concept. Since it looks like things are really clicking for them now, they return today, two years after the release of the split and EP, with their debut album, Allure, in an effort to solidify their post-hardcore/doom/sludge identity.” -CVLT Nation

Consouling Sounds family!

21:30: Dorre (Leuven)

Dorre is a four-headed instrumental doom band with drone, psych, stoner and noise influences out of Leuven, Belgium. Fueled by a pounding rhythm section and ferocious riffs, Dorre has been shaking stages and blissfully resonating eardrums since 2008.

Dorre’s latest split EP with Bethmoora was mixed at UK’s Skyhammer Studio by Chris Fielding (Conan) and mastered by the legendary James Plotkin.

20:30: Opium Heathen (Mechelen)

Up-and-coming stoner/ doom based in the swamps of Mechelen. Heavy fuzz, bulldozing riffs. The Belgian bastard child of Electric Wizard and Cathedral!

+ Distro booth by Offerandum. https://www.discogs.com/label/151362-Offerandum-Records)